Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prepare for the Zombie Wingnut Invasion!

This post also to be known as "Game Day: Red Wings."

We all know what happens when Detroit comes to town. It's the same thing that happens when Buffalo comes to town, only more disgusting.

Yes, our beautiful (if poorly maintained) arena is about to be sullied by those red clad minions of evil, Red Wing fans. Like mindless, bandwaggon riding zombies they stagger through the doors of Philips Arena and insult the home team by chanting "let's go Red Wings" and screaming with joy when their alien overlord scores on a hapless Thrasher goaltender.

If you've seen even one zombie movie, you know how to handle the walking undead. That's right, you get everyone you know to come out wearing blue on this night before Thanksgiving, drown the Wing Nuts out, and send then back to Hell. Or even worse, send them back to Detroit. No, wait, we can't be that cruel, just send them to Hell.

What's your zombie plan?

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