Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Game Day: Panthers

Pictured above: what do you get when you cross the two NHL teams in the state of Florida?

The Thrashers travel to Sunshine tonight to congratulate Marco Rubio, get a tan like John Boehner and take on the Florida Panthers. This will be the first of six meetings this year against the Panthers who are now managed by Dale Tallon under whom Rick Dudley worked in Chicago. The Swamp Cats sent Eternally-Scowling-Nathan-Horton and Dennis Seidenberg to the Bruins during the offseason, effectively isolating David Booth as their only legit scoring threat.

Being so close to the ocean, this might be a good opportunity to take Freddie Modin shark fishing on a slippery boat with no hand rail.

EDIT: So about that Freddie Modin...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was about to chime in yesterday with my best Modin joke (the front runner was "Modin? More like SLOW-deen!") Then he goes and scores 2 goals. Its like whenever someone makes fun of a player they go and do something awesome.