Monday, November 22, 2010

Important Note Regarding Your Chronicle

It's the Thanksgiving holidays, yes indeed, and thus time to take off your shoes and brave the gropey security mimes of U.S. America's gleaming airports. And to spend time with bourbon-flavored cranberry sauce and pleasantly plump turkeys, etc.

All of this means that your Chronicle, or at least your Chronicle's editor, is going to take a few days off. If you hadn't noticed already (and surely you have), this blog has been mired in shameful writer's block for a few weeks now. What to say about the Thrashers that wasn't said in the late 18th century by Christopher Smart?

So this blog needs to rest for the week. Rest, and think about investing actual currency in a Dustin Byfuglien jersey. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, KIDS.

(^-----NOT ideal to watch with your grandmother or 5-year-old nephew or whatever non-demented human being happens to be around)

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