Friday, November 26, 2010

Le Jour de Match: Les Habitants

First off, be sure to check out this post from Pierre LeBrun (hey, we're playing a French Canadian team and I post a link from a guy named Pierre, how you like that for topical?) over on ESPN about the top ten surprise players of the early season. Atlanta boasts three of the ten, including the new captain, Big Buff, and Ondrej "how many fingers am I holding up" Pavelec.

Alex Auld will be getting the start in net for les bleu, blanc, et rouge to give All Star sure bet Carey Price a rest. If anybody happens to have seats next to the visiting bench tonight and can yell where Price can hear you, do me a favor and ask him why his rookie mask had Garth Brooks painted on the side of it. I've always been curious about that.

It'll be amusing to watch in person tonight as the munchkins that constitute Montreal's top line buzz around Atlanta's giants like Byfuglien and Antropov.


Matt said...

Just a dominating performance last night. This has been an incredible little run of late. Hope they keep it up.

GoPuckYourself said...

Ok, so the boys looked good last night, but I've got some serious issues with this team right now.

Well, not the on-ice product for once..

I'm getting REALLY annoyed with the Thrashers just blatantly using the music from NHL 11 as part of their in-game experience. Or, you know, doing what we do so well in Atlanta, which is stealing things from other cultures and claiming them as our own.

Playing the "Ole!" song after we score a goal AGAINST MONTREAL?
Come the fuck on. It's sad, it's pathetic, and everytime I hear that complete and utter bullshit after a Thrashers goal, it completely takes the wind out of my sails.

Get back to playing Blur (who are Atlanta natives, DUH5!) after goals, and here's an "ATLiens" or something Atlanta-centric before each game. You know, cause WE DON'T LIVE IN FUCKING CANADA.

And if you really wanted to be classy, you'd play "Georgia on my Mind" after every win...since most of the fans (Atlanta born or not) know the words and could start a cool tradition for a post-game celebration. You know, assuming that we never lose another game and the building is 70% full and people don't leave early to "beat the traffic"

(side note--All of you who leave games early? SUCK IT. If your kid's schedule is too busy to fit in a 2 hr 30 minute hockey game, than you're a douche of a parent who's living vicariously through your kid cause you fucking failed at tee ball. Good job.)

So since the team seems to FINALLY be finding an identity, perhaps the drooling retarded monkeys who control the "fan experience" could try to think a little bit more outside the box when it comes to what we're hearing and seeing at games.


Rant over. Thanks for your time. See you bitches on Sunday.

chops said...

Alternatively, Rainy Night in Georgia after a loss.

Mr. Speaker said...

Y'all raise some good, and logical, ideas for in-house entertainment / music. I didn't know Blur was from Atlanta! Good stuff. Hope the boys don't tank on the road trip killin the positive mo' they've got going...slowly winning back some fans and it needs to continue!!