Friday, November 5, 2010

Bogo Bonks Bloodless Box Office!

YES, it has to be terribly disheartening to play in an empty, prematurely decaying arena. It's a sports taboo for a player to say anything even mildly critical of the fan base, and I'm totally fine with Zach Bogosian being honest about how he feels.

THAT SAID, it's not very hard to figure out why the arena is empty and uninspired (which contributes, perhaps, to the Thrashers' uninspired play at home). If the team wins at home more consistently, people will show up, even in times of economic horror. Simple as that.

Philips Arena's biggest issue, though, is the the fact that its facilities are getting a little creaky and out-of-sorts. If only the place was owned by someone willing to invest in it.

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CaptainStefan said...

or if the ownership wasn't so bent on killing the few fans that DO show up. ie banning horns.