Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glorious Week of Hockey and Football and Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving week, esteemed Chronicle readers! We here wish you all safe and happy travels wherever the festivities take you this Turkey Day.

What a week we have in store, with three hockey games (four for me since I'm going to the Gladiators game tonight) and college football's rivalry week.

We began the week with Dustin Byfuglien's overtime heroics sealing the deal after Ondrej the Giant kept the Thrashers in the game against New York on Sunday. Allowing the Islanders to break their 12 game losing streak against the Thrashers would have been a huge letdown after the high of smacking around the Caps on Friday night 5-0. How bad are the Islanders? Their announcer pulled a Bob Uecker impersonation into a live mike during what he thought was a commercial break, so we'll let him explain.

Wednesday night will see a packed house at Philips Arena. The night before Thanksgiving should produce a good turnout no matter who the opponent is, but when you add in the fact that the dirty Red Wings are visiting, it all but assures a rocking house.

On Thursday, after you've devoured your body weight in turkey, cranberry, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean cassarole, cornbread, gravy, and pecan pie, you can look forward to the first game in many, many years in which the Texas A&M Aggies are favored against their rivals, the Texas Longhorns. Texas must win to be bowl eligible, and the game is in Austin. Talk about a recipe for a heated rivalry game.

This Friday will find the Thrashers fending off a French-Canadian invasion as the Habs visit Blueland. Dustin Byfuglien and Nik Antropov will think they've wandered into Lilliput as they watch Gomez, Gionta, and Cammaleri skating around their knees. Your appetizer for that game is the 2:30pm matchup between Alabama and Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Bama is looking to deny their rivals a trip to the national championship game while Auburn wants to show that Cam Newton was worth every penny.

As you recover from Friday's excitement on Saturday morning, make sure you get up in time to hear Big and Rich sing the theme song to College Gameday and get ready for the rest of college football's rivalry games such as USC/Notre Dame (make sure you scroll down for the pictures on that link), Ohio State/Michigan, and of course Georgia Tech vs. the population of the Carke County Correctional Institute.

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h said...

Ondrej the Giant!!! Love it. Finally, a nickname I can work with.....maybe we can start seeing posters of Ondrej the Giant with Pavelec's mask on him....Happy Turkey Day to all of you at the Chronicle. Thanks for your entertaining posts. It makes the life of a Thrasher fan much more tolerable.