Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh Yes, Eric Boulton, Etc.

Sooooo...how many fourth liners do we now own? A good thing to have choices, we suppose.


Rawhide said...

Let's see...there's Boulton, Eager, Cormier, Thorburn and MacArthur.

Todd White too...but only because there is no fifth line.

Anonymous said...

Well hey, at least we don't have 3 goalies any more! HAHAHA! hahahaha haha... ha...... ...sigh

j_barty_party said...

Was just going back in time in your archives to reminisce and see what I remember from when I first stumbled upon this fair blog. And I came across this gem:

"Schneider is reportedly back as well, probably looking to put on a few dradle-like spin moves in honor of the approaching Chanukah."

Holy freakin' moly that's funny!