Thursday, July 8, 2010

Torchetti Hired

Read about it here.

So Dudley got both his guys... very impressive. I started a little harsh on old Duds, but the last few moves have been good ones, IMHO.

Everyone else here at TBC is off at far away land places. I'm busy and have to work. Discuss if you please.


Mortimer Peacock said...


Now: who wants to join me for a night cap at the hotel bar? It's only 11:27 here. I WILL BRING MY LAPTOP.

GoPuckYourself said...

Surely there's a lady in London who would join you for a night cap, no? Of course the most attractive women in London are not actually English, so you may have a slight language barrier issue. Unless you're fluent in Russian, the unofficial 2nd language of The Smoke.

And if you can't find a lady, go get Roman Ruskiface from the Chelsea slums and tell him to buy our hockey club.

Safe travels, man!