Friday, May 8, 2009

A Few Things

If I had to grade the different playoff series on their excitement level so far, the report cards would look something like this:

Boston vs. Carolina
The sort-of underdog team is playing extremely well, veterans like Ray Whitney are coming alive and making a serious difference in most games, and the goal-tending match-up is more or less even. GREAT fun to watch, it is.

Washington vs. Pittsburgh
This is obvious. Ovie vs. Sidney (and both of them doing exactly what they're meant to do), two teams that really hate each other, maniacal fans, a young goalie that's come out of the great SIberian wilderness and stolen games for his team...this series has it all.

Chicago vs. Vancouver
I'm trying to get into this series. Really, I am. For some reason it's just not happening, even though it hasn't been a bad one. The game last night was pretty exciting. I was certain Vancouver was going to be the Western Conference winner, but perhaps not...

Detroit vs. Anaheim
This is a snooze-fest, for some reason. BUT watching Hossa score those two goals last night tilted my love-hate relationship with him back towards love. God, I miss him.

Elsewhere in the world, Russia and the U.S. are tied at 2-2 in the World Championship semi-final. Want to watch it LIVE? Here.


the jointhead said...

Detroit Anaheim a C!! This has been an unbelivable battle. I know i'm biased and we don't have the zac efron/alex o circle jerk going on, but really. The winner of this series goes to the finals. Physical, nasty hockey going on, just flying under the radar because of the caps and pen. Maybe I like it that way.

Big Shooter said...

I have enjoyed the Wings/Ducks series much more than I thought I would...

Mortimer Peacock said...


Yeah, I'm probably being unkind here. The Wings-Ducks series HAS been fairly interesting; I thought the Ducks-Sharks series, aside from the upset factor, was somewhat boring for some reason, and that's probably carried over into this series.

I promise I'll try to pay closer attention.