Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Could Bjork Save the Atlanta Thrashers?

She's going to save Iceland:

As a million bankers flee the plunging markets, one brave Icelandic singer – known for coos, shrieks and a swan dress – is proudly taking their place. Björk has turned venture capitalist, with a new fund that aims to revive Iceland's economy.

Björk is working with Audur Capital, a Reykjavik-based investment company founded and managed by women. Audur Capital will oversee the fund's day-to-day dealings, directing an initial investment of 100m Icelandic krona (£575,000) toward sustainable, environmentally-friendly businesses.

Heroic, and I hope she's successful. God knows Iceland needs to survive long enough for me to visit one day.

The relevance to your Atlanta Thrashers, though, is this: If Bjork can start a fund to rescue Iceland, surely she can do the same for the Thrashers. Seriously: Bjork, and possibly these ecologically-responsible Audur chicks as well, invest in the Thrashers, turn them into a winning team, watch the fans and the money roll in, and use a portion of the profits to help rejuvenate Iceland's economy.

All she needs to do is purchase the team from the ATL Ghouls, fire Don Waddell and hire Craig Patrick, and insist the team select either John Tavares or Victor Hedman with their #1 pick in this summer's draft.

Smooth sailing from there on. Eventually the Thrash will become a winning, money-making, arena-cramming team. Thanks to Bjork, the Thrashers will be thought of much like Audun in the great Icelandic folk tale of Audun and the Bear, a very fortunate team indeed.

Oh yes.


robbie dee said...

OMG, best idea ever! maybe bjork can provide some coaching with the use of her lovely reactable. screw madden and the x's and o's, bring in bjork and the beats!

Tiffany said...

No no baby. Not Patrick. DALE HUNTER FOR GM!!!!!!!!!!