Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself...

(As I said long ago, the Chronicle is going through some changes at the moment. Here, at long last, is our brand new columnist, for your instruction and delight. Enjoy or die. -Ed.)

It's not often you get offered opportunities that you can't say "No" to.

This is one of those opportunities. The Blueland Chronicle has offered me an opportunity to voice an opinion that has never been presented to me before. It's an opportunity to articulate thoughts and ideas in a forum that I believe in and open myself up to the feedback of the masses. Most people knock on impenetrable doors and make phone calls that go unanswered to try and get their foot in the door to do something like this. I'm fortunate enough that all I had to do was get to know the TBC staff over an adult beverage (or 7...was it 7?), be forced to speak with individuals like Big Shooter and Razor Catch Prey, and this opportunity was offered to me.

As far as the insight I can offer you, what makes me different from the other writers? Well, if my intel's correct, the entire TBC staff are season ticket holders. I have no financial investment in this team outside of what I'd like/want to spend on them. I am the fringe fan that the entire Atlanta Spirit ownership group values and is trying to covet. I wanted to invest in this team before the season started, but my skepticism kept me from doing so. My worries have been put to rest (to some extent) in the fact that a certain former Chicago Blackhawk can actually play defense (side note--Where you at NOW, Jeremy Roenick?) and the team's 4 lines seem to be consistently scoring. Like most of you, I've been waiting for a team worthy of such a significant financial and emotional investment. I still won't be writing any checks to Levinson et Al. anytime soon, but they're slowly starting to break down the pessimism I'd built around this organization.

As for me personally, my background's a degree in Psychology, a plethora of Thrasher games in person, and being a successful convert to the sport that I've never played, but now love more than any other. There's very little about me to set myself apart from the rest of you who read this site...but I hope to tackle the mental side of the game a little bit more. There's a few "disorders" that I would LOVE to diagnose the Thrashers as having, but all of these are ideas I hope to develop as the season continues. I've been fortunate that I've also recruited a "frozen correspondent" from the Rocky Mountains who knows what it's like to be a dislocated die-hard Thrashers fan to give an outsider's perspective. Somebody who's not as invested in the team as, say, you and I are.

Ultimately, my voice is going to be different from the TBC staff in that it's a "fresh" perspective. My name won't start with "Razor" or end in "Peacock." My ultimate goal, at the end of the day, is to get even more of you commenting here on TBC. There's not many blogs out there that offer the kind of opportunity that this site offers. As somebody who's been commenting here for awhile, it's the hope that all of you who "lurk" and read the content on the site will make yourselves known. If you've got the website bookmarked or on your list of "must-visit" sites...I sincerely want you to get up off you ass and say something. Because when you do finally stand up and say something, you'll find there's good people and a good time awaiting you.

I've joined the most dysfunctional family in the Thrasher world that isn't our ownership group, and I sincerely hope all of you join in as well.

On that note, Go Thrashers. Make Tampa your bitch this evening.

Go Puck Yourself


Big Shooter said...

I feel for those that are forced to speak with me. Welcome to our dysfunctional family. Seeing as how I abondoned the Chronicle long ago, and now Morty is MIA, it needs a shot in the arm.

As Sonny Perdue once told us all, "Go Thrashers".

Jay said...

Really, what the hell is up with you guys? The Thrashers finally got good and you seem to have jumped ship. Did you guys start an Islanders or Devils blog somewhere out there? I would have thought that with the Thrashers only two points out of SECOND in the East there would be a ton of shit on here. Nope. We don't even get consistent gameday posts anymore(Islanders, hello!) when before you dumbasses used to post TWO sometimes for one game. This shit's got to stop. Thrasher fans need the Chronicle. I mean, look at Thrash. He stole a fucking zamboni just to find you guys. Even he's looking for more posts. Get it together, will ya?

By the way, just joking with all of the name calling and general hurtfulness. But really, what's up?

Razor Catch Prey said...

Welcome to the loony bin, GPY!

Jay- I can only speak for myself in saying that I've just become far busier with work over the past couple of months and it's probably only getting worse for a little while longer.

If only Morty weren't such a miserly old editor he might be willing to pay us a living wage and we wouldn't need these "day job" things that get in the way of all of our hockey blogging.

Posting on here and interacting with all of y'all really is one of the most enjoyable things I do, and I am perpetually grateful and perplexed at the folks who come here and read our ramblings.

j_barty_party said...

Jay - that waz priceless. I haz an envy that I didn't write it.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Thanks for your violent concern (seriously, I mean it). For my own part, I've just been busy with other writing stuff (stuff that puts money in my bank account) and often I find I just don't have the energy for the Chronicle. I think I'll be more into it in the near future, though.

I'm also trying to find a way to talk about an actually GOOD Thrashers team. It's a difficult literary problem...I mean, I don't want to just type "Hooray we're so awesome" over and over again. Need time to find ways to express our enjoyment with some degree of wit and imagination. I'm working on it.

Then again, I suppose we could just do game recaps and statistical analysis...

Big Shooter said...

I suppose I can chime in here as well. None of us have jumped ship. We still attend all the games and are very grateful that my fears of Dudley being a dumb ass, for the time being, are incorrect... And that we have an exciting team to watch.

As for TBC, I don't have a job that allows much goofing off time in front of a computer. How much I work has a direct result on how much I make. It's all I can do just to pay the bills every month, so my focus is on that. Perhaps I will start posting again sometime soon. I think I just got burned out after a year and a half of posting, or whatever it was when I quit. Eventually even I run out of things to say!

Chronicle Forever!

Big Shooter said...

And the day the Chronicle is doing game day recaps and statistical analysis is the day that I take the internets and throw them in the ocean. Isn't that what we have C-Vivs for, heeennnngggghhhhh????

Swedish Chef, Ten Gallon Dick, Ghost of Billy Mays, POMPOM, Upper Dildo, and so on and so forth....

Jay said...

Yeah, I'm not looking for statistical analysis on here. When I want that I head over to Bird Watchers Anonymous. That Falconer dude is one edumacated son of a gun. TimmyF, too! I'm on here for the low brow humor and obscure references of movies and bands I've never heard of before. I've been missing that. I understand you guys have "lives" and stuff called "jobs", but don't forget about the people that look forward to your daily ramblings. That's all I'm saying. Peace out bitches.

j_barty_party said...

You really should do more game recaps and line-up analysis cuz you're losing your audience to the savvy and hip Thrashers 411!

Whatta bunch of amateurs?!

Rawhide said...

Welcome to the frey GPY. You've certainly joined one of the best Thrashers blog in Thrasherville. You'll fit in fine here...these guys are great. I luvs 'em.

Morty is the soul of TBC...Razor is the brain...Frenchie is the soul...and Shooter is the, um, he's the....ah, er. Shooter is the libito.



j_barty_party said...


Frenchie is the GHOST and

Shooter is the UPPER DILDO