Friday, December 17, 2010

5 Notes

1) How good was that Penguins-Capitals 24/7 thing on HBO last night? I find myself fascinated by that Dan Bylsma fellow.

2) Poor Thrashers. Oh well, at least we got a point.

3) This "Free Thrash" marketing campaign is highly amusing, but we here at the Chronicle weren't sure about the lack of Thrash/presence of the Braves', Hawks', and Falcons' mascots at tonight's game. We can't help but wonder if it'd be better to stage a Thrash jailbreak every game night: Thrash running around in his striped prison pajamas while policemen chase him all over the arena, catching him towards the end of the game and dragging him, kicking and flapping his beak, back to prison. BUT, Freddy the Falcon is a fine mascot.

4) Speaking of the Falcons: was PLEASED to see Roddy White, Brian McCann, and Robby Ginepri (dear God, your tennis fan editor hasn't heard that name in YEARS) at the game tonight. They were seated in the section directly below your Chronicle; we recognized McCann and White, but didn't realize Ginepri was present until after the game. SUCH IS LIFE.

5) Not related to hockey at all, but the Online Etymology Dictionary is a wonderfully useful thing.


Razor Catch Prey said...

I like the Thrash campaign, but the "Wake Up Atlanta" bit is insulting, even to someone who agrees with the sentiment. You shouldn't be chastising Atlantans for not going to games, you should be convincing them that they're missing out on the most exciting game in town.

Since I had to watch the game on TiVo last night, I was FFwding and saw Kinkade interviewing a horribly ugly man. Guess that was Roddy White. Glad to see him at a game.

And Morty, you realize that you have absolutely destroyed my productivity at work with that Etymology link, right?

Mutton Sourdough said...

RCP - Hey, at least he didn't send you to the hot for words lady... On a low-res screen she can be pretty easy on the eyes. AND she does some etymology. said...

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