Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make it Seven

That is the only time you will ever hear that here on the Chronicle, folks.

The Thrashers have tied their franchise record of six wins in a row and will be going for a seventh Thursday night in Pittsburgh.

With Boris Valabik no longer playing in a Thrasher uniform, will Sidney Crosby try to find another set of testicles to punch? Will Matt Cooke wet himself if Evander Kane winks at him?

P.S. Kevin Shattenkirk's name makes me think of the Captain of the Enterprise on chili night at the food replicator.

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j_barty_party said...

I do think Hunwick balked a couple times when Kane came near him; I remember distinctly one time when he coughed up the puck near his net cuz Kaner was bearin' down on him. Unfortch, Kaner may not be available to us for the game in Pittsburgh. A shot to the inside of the left knee cannot be a good thing. Hopefully, his young, sinewy bones (cue the Asian porn spam!) will bounce back quickly.

As for testicles, the boys showed a lot of in-testicle fortitude in fighting the altitude sickness -- although Pevs, Pavs, Burmy and Sopel are apparently superhuman -- to grit out a scrappy win in a tough environment. I really do think this team is flying high with confidence and the Pens better be ready for a march of pain if Kane does play. Kaner should antagonize Cindy some more and get them off their game. If he's hurt, Mighty Mouse Tim Stapleton ought to save the day!