Sunday, December 5, 2010

Karmic Power Plays, Goalie Heroics = Victory

And pandas in splendor.

As you all know, last night's win against the Caps was a wondrous thing. Pavelec has morphed from a "young goalie with potential" type to "zeezus chrisht OMG what a save" Hero of the Net. And Andrew Ladd's power play goal was mighty satisfying after David Steckel's knee-on-knee incident with Toby Enstrom.

Speaking of Enstrom, how is he? I suppose I could scour the Internet looking for clues, but really, who wants to do that? At any rate, it'd be an unhappy thing if he was out for any significant amount of time.

One final note: at some point in the game I noticed Alexander Burmistrov streaking and deking past several Caps players in the neutral zone. I thought, "HMMM, that reminds me of that insane goal he scored against the Caps that one time." Three seconds later he scored another insane goal.


Mr. Speaker's Ghost said...

That little Russian snake -- as in Burmise Python -- is pretty darn good eh? Once he gains the requisite strength, he is going to be just as deadly.

BTW, we need to get together with you bitches soon. I feel like I hardly know ye these days!

Razor Catch Prey said...

THAT is NOT a sad panda.

Saturday night's game was the first one I've missed all year. I followed on my cell phone and was worried after seeing that the shots were 15-5 in favor of Washington after the first period.

After watching the highlights, it looks like Pavelec put up one heck of a game. Varlamov did as well, but nobody could have saved that shot by Burmistrov. There was absolutely no room for that shot; it's amazing he got it through.