Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GAME DAY: Tampa Bay Lightning

Ah, snow. The best kind is when it comes down in flurries but mercifully doesn't stick to the ground.

Anyway, Tampa Bay tonight. Your editor once wrote a sonnet about the Tampa Bay Lightning, still unappreciated by our country's deaf and unperceptive literary critics. Here it is. A kitsch classic, with references to Mark Popovic and Slava Kozlov.

ALSO: As Chronicle operative "Jay" said in the comments today, it appears Thrash isn't happy with the Chronicle's paltry recent coverage.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff as usual; the Wolf was a beast of a man.
If only we had a player as intimidating as Mr. Burnett.
Big Buff is too cuddly, Boults is too friendly and Thor isn't raspy enough.
Onward Blueland soldiers, vae victis, etc etc. said...

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