Wednesday, May 18, 2011

J.B. Smith Not So J.B. Smooth

Jeff Schultz reiterates the implications of various reports about J.B. Smith (the long-awaited "Balkan"). Ever since all this stuff came out yesterday I've thought that the strangest aspect of the story was onetime Sports Illustrated writer Jay Clemons' sudden announcement that he was becoming Smith's PR man. As Schultz says:

Smith has been pimped by some as this shadowy, mysterious figure who was going to swoop in and buy the teams and arena and save the day. One of his mouthpieces is a guy named Jay Clemons, who has written about fantasy football for Clemons, however, now doesn’t hide the fact that he is Smith’s spokesperson. He has informed all on Twitter that all media inquiries for Smith can go through him.

So much for objectivity. At least now, he’s not pretending to not have an agenda.

Meanwhile, this J.B. Smith seems to be as much of a bullshit sideshow as I suspected yesterday.

I know how crushing this is, but I'm afraid it's time to let go.


Matthew said...

Hey, Doombauss here. Enjoyed the Nick Cave song. Even if this Saturday ends up being completely futile in saving our team, it is what each of us decide to make it. For some, another chance for my fellow fickle fans of Atlanta to complain about the ownership yet again and why boycotting The Thrashers was such a great idea to begin with. Or, it could be a celebration of NHL Hockey in Atlanta for the last time in our lifetime. That alone is worth it.

Matthew said...

Oh, and by the way Mortimer Peacock:

Anonymous said...

JB Smith has made a lot of enemies and has a huge judgement on him along with creditors and more lawsuits for money fraud on the way.