Monday, May 9, 2011


No, not dead. Just watching the playoffs and biding our time until there's meaningful Thrashers news to talk about. But just for the hell of it, let's wonder: what Thrashers news items are floating around the Internets right now?

- Chris Vivlamore has typed a useful summary of the issues surrounding a possible Thrashers relocation. He posted it today not because there's a BREAKING INFO FLASH or whatever, but because there's an important vote going down in Glendale, Arizona tomorrow to decide whether the city will pay the NHL another $25 million to keep the Coyotes in town for another season. Obviously, this vote could have a noteworthy impact on the Thrashers' situation. Predictably, morons in the comments section complain about Vivlamore's "doom and gloom" and "taking a leak" (?) on various dreams and wishes.

- John Torchetti might become head coach of the Florida Panthers, again.


Matt said...

Hello. Mr Moron here. Since You are blessed with a far greater intelligence maybe you can explain why Chris writes articles about nothing and gives them a negative spin when the probable outcome is going to be positive. The NHL is not going to let the 8th largest TV market in the U.S. walk. I would not be surprised if the NHL buys out ASG and hits the reset button with an entire new owner (eventually). As for your explanation, please type slowly and don't use big words Einstein. Thanks. said...

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