Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do Come and See

Rawhide spreads the gospel:

I normally don’t get on the “Come Out If You’re A Real Fan” soapbox. The way I see it, you are all big boys and girls and can decide on your own how to spend your money. But I gotta say…if you are one of those who have been taking a “wait and see” attitude about this Thrashers team, then maybe…just maybe…you need to wait no more and come out and see them for yourself this Friday.

Of late, this Thrashers team has been playing some of the most exciting, entertaining hockey that I’ve seen in many, many moons. I can just imagine how pumped this group of players would be to skate out to the roar of a sold out Philips Arena…and quite frankly, these guys deserve it the way they’ve been performing.

Think about it… you’ll get a chance to see a hard-working team that has played some very inspired hockey of late, it’s a Friday night, you’ll get the first look at the new third jerseys, plus…well…it ain’t gonna be on TV.


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