Thursday, December 16, 2010

Game Day: Hurricanes

That's right kids... Big Shooter has returned due to the demand of the public. We'd like to thank long time Chronicle reader, Jay, for giving us a swift kick in our collective lady parts for the way we have treated TBC lately. The Thrashers have been playing well for a change (I TOLD you all Rick Dudley was a mastermind :-) yet the Chronicle staff for one reason or another was all burned out.

Oh, there's a game you say? Indeed. A win tonight will have the Thrashers all alone in first place in the Southeast Division. On Dec 16. Now there's still much hockey to be played, but there is a big difference in Dec 16 and Oct 16. Very impressed with this team and the way they have played. I'm actually stunned by this team. TEAM, as in no Kovalsuck dur dur dur dur dur dur. Can we stop it with this nonsense yet? All across the internets that's all Thrasher fans talk about. He doesn't play here any more. Move on folks. NJ's problems have very little to do with Kovalchuk, even though he isn't playing well. Call me crazy, but I'd much rather have Kovy at a $6.5 cap hit instead of Hainsey at a $5+ cap hit. I do think at some point in the next 12 years Kovy will step it up. And no, it's not time to poop yet.

Oh, and then there's the marketing department! What is this... an actual idea???? Splendid! Creative, imaginative, different... let's hope it works. Thrash has always been the star of our team and best mascot in the NHL. Those of you who don't have tickets yet... help FREE THRASH for the love of God and get him out of jail before he is raped by Carlton the bear who was thrown in there after his, um... 'guest' appearance on To Catch a Predator.

Fun times in Thrasherville for sure. But those of us that have been here for a while know this is when we fall flat on our face and drive off any fringe fans that may go to the games. Wouldn't it be cool if it was different this time around...


GoPuckYourself said...

Thrash as the best mascot in the NHL? Where's Buccigross's NHL Mascot Power Rankings to confirm this?

In other news, I do believe that we're seeing (take a breath here) some sort of cognitive functionality from our beloved management and ownership group. However, it's also obvious that the next PR stunt surrounding Thrash should be the busting of his Smyrna-based Meth lab. That or his Peachtree City-based prostitution ring.

Strange times indeed in these parts. Not completely sure what to make of everything just yet. That being said, I'm hoping we take it to the Canes tonight and end up top of the Division.

Oh, and Kovalchuk will always be talked about in Thrasherville in the same way Mike Vick will always be spoken of by Falcons fans. We feel burned by him to some extent, and only in due time will conversations about him subside. You know, like after a playoff run or two.

j_barty_party said...

OMG! The line about Carlton the Bear had me guffawing out loud! I almost choked on a bourbon ball, jeebus criste!

Speaking of pooping, this is the time of year we pooped the bed last time we were sitting 6 games "over .500", but I was pleased with how they played last nite. They were very responsible with the puck for the most part and the defense was pretty darn good in limiting chances for their top players. Both teams had some good chances they couldn't bury as the puck was bouncing around like a Mexican jumping bean. That ice surface was BAD!

Good to have you guys interested in blogging again, but jeeeez, could you have waited until January at least so you don't jinx this team with your 10 years of bad luck and demoralizing support?? ;)

See ya at the game chumps!

the Speaker

Jay said...

Some ideas I've been tossing around for signs to hold up at Saturday's game:

"Do you miss the winning here in Atlanta?"

"How's that Cup run going for you?"

"Hope that money bought happiness cause it didn't buy winning"

"Bergfors and Oduya > Kovalchuk"

"See what happens when you sign a deal with the Devils?"

"30 defenseman have more points that you"

"Our 19 year old rookie has almost as many goals as you!"

Kovy, THANK YOU! (For not taking our money.)"

"Hey Kovy, maybe it's YOU"

I'm not bitter, I just think it's funny how karma has bitten Kovalchuk square in the ass. He strings the Thrashers along, then he gets sent to NJ, they only win one playoff game, he can't find a market for himself in free agency, has to go back to NJ but the initial deal gets voided, making him the posterchild for crooked contracts, then he does work out a new contract with the Devils(with a very appropiate $6.66M cap hit), the team can only play 16 or 17 players in a game because of salary cap reasons putting even more of a spotlight on Kovy's contract(even though most smart fans do realize the other Devil contracts are the real reason for their problems), then the Devils get off to an absolutely HORRIBLE start while the Thrashers(the team Kovalchuk didn't think could win) start off solidly in the top 8 in the Eastern conference. Add to this Kovalchuk having his worst year statistically and I'm sure he's not too happy until he cashes his paychecks. Good times. said...

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