Friday, June 20, 2008

Bogo the Bull Charges Into Blueland

Defining, transformative night for the Atlanta Thrashers, says the Chronicle. Bogosian is exactly who we wanted, and it looks like he's ready to tear up the ice immediately.

It looks like my grand visions of trading the #29 pick or somehow wrangling ourselves the #2 or #4 have faded to thin air (as all grand visions should). Fine by me. I am slightly disappointed, though, that the fellow I wanted to draft with our #29 pick--Swedish d-man Erik Karlsson--was snatched up by Ottawa. Karlsson is going to be somebody; remember his name and mark my words.

Who cares, though? Let's celebrate the arrival of Zach Bogosian, the first person of Armenian descent to play in the National Hockey League and the awesomest dude on the planet right now. I've already ordered my BOGO 4 jersey. He looks good in Thrashers blue.*

*Can't find a damn stationary picture.



Big Shooter said...

Bogo The Bull... Once again, The Chronicle is the first on the scene of the hip nickname.

Thank God we got him!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A coach and a stud blue liner in one day, I finally feel a little better.