Friday, January 25, 2008

Dignity Regained

It's too bad that we lost last night, but I'm glad that 1) we got a point, and 2) we played much, much better than we had been these last few games. Johan Hedberg turned in a wonderful performance in goal, one of his best; the Moose was exceptionally loose.

Meanwhile, our defense was good all around; I would give particular props to Exelby and Holik. Marian Hossa proved, once again, that he's a bloody great and hard-working hockey player. He deserves praise as well.

The bottom line? If we keep playing like that we will ultimately do well this season and get into the playoffs. When you factor in Ilya Kovalchuk the prospect of a playoff position becomes near certain.

The other bottom line? Johan Hedberg is the greatest athlete of all time.

The other other bottom line? Is Ken Klee still alive?

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