Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thoughts on our latest debacle

--Kari Lehtonen is an amazing goal-tender and an absolutely essential player. At this point, I'm fine with Don Waddell trading Hossa; the only two players I insist on keeping forever and ever are Kovy and Kari. Kari played exceedingly well tonight, though you wouldn't know it from the score and the statistics. That's why it's essential to evaluate players on their actual, concrete performance on the ice and not abstract statistics alone; T-Man has a good point about that vis-a-vis defensemen in this post. Anyway, Kari is a wonderful goalie and he played very well tonight. It's our defense (with the exception of rookie Tobi Enstrom) that's fucking appalling. Help, please.

--The Czar was exiled tonight, and it looks like he might remain in Siberia for one more game. This sucks, obviously, but perhaps it will give him time to think and re-energize.

--After that spectacular game against the Red Wings, I wanted to keep Hossa at nearly all costs. My state of mind tonight: go ahead and trade him.

--I wish Kovy had decked Sean Avery instead.


Big Shooter said...

A little angry tonight are we?

Mortimer Peacock said...

I think I come off angrier than I actually am. I feel a little bad saying that about Hossa, because I do really like him and think he's a marvelous player, but well...I had to blow off some steam. Maybe I was just channeling Kovalchuk's rage.

Big Shooter said...

I understand. If the tailspin continues we need to trade Hossa. We could also cash in on Holik at the deadline. Obviously this would mean we haven't done well in Feb, but at least we have options to try and make the team better.