Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Drop The Puck

Hey there. I'd like to start off by saying I'm not a blogger... well, until now anyway. The idea of having my own unofficial hockey column was too much to resist. To those of you out there reading this I'd like to say welcome, both of you. This will be a sporadic addition to The Blueland Chronicle. Just in case you are wondering, sporadic means whenever I feel like it.

Let's start off by getting a few of the "hot topics" out of the way. I think Dany Heatley is a worthless piece of crap, not because of the accident, but the very "unhockey" way he left town and talked about Atlanta upon his arrival to Ottawa. Don Waddell is a very smart, good hockey man, but this is the year to put up or shut up. I see no problem with yelling "Knights" during the national anthem. The cool thing about America is that it is a free country, and Jeff Odgers thinks yelling it is alright. Trust me, you don't want to disagree with The Sheriff. Don Cherry is the coolest man alive. John Buccigross is the only thing ESPN has to offer (except for the Mullet of course). Mike Madonna needs to quit whining when he represents his country. Philips Arena is the absolute best place to watch a game. I'd rather watch "Opera Man" on a loop than learn anything about the Hawks. JP Dellacamara is the WORST play by play man in the league. I'm sure he's a nice man but if you don't know the rules of the game you need to stick with woman's soccer. Dan Kamal is the BEST play by play man ever. Don Cherry is the coolest man alive. I will never understand why messageboarders are so negative. I can appreciate and recognize a good defenseman not by looking at his +/- but by watching his play on the ice. Don Cherry is the coolest man alive. Nothing in the world is better than a bowl of popcorn and a 10:30 Oilers game. I will never understand why there is no Gretzky award for the most assists for the year. I will never understand why the NHL does not promote Kovalchuk. The new Reebok jerseys are just plain stupid. Oh, and Don Cherry is the coolest man alive.

Well, now you know where I stand on all the key issues. I have no idea where this column will lead. Probably I'll just ramble on about things that are important to me and no one else. The great part about that is, I don't really care about what anyone else thinks.


Tiffany said...

Wait, so who was it you think is the coolest man alive again?? :)

I'm definitely blogrolling you. Love this post. I will say I'm sad you didn't give Kari cool points for the blue hair for Blueland's playoff appearance.

Big Shooter said...

Thanks for the add. People are gonna love this post or hate it!

Lets hope Kari gets some help or the next time we make the playoffs he won't need to have blue hair because he will be old enough to grow a real playoff beard!