Monday, July 26, 2010

EA Sports- Toronto Homers

Electronic Arts today posted this video showing a disallowed goal in NHL 11.

Reaction #1) Wow, that's pretty darn cool that they can have disallowed goals in a hockey video game now.

Reaction #2) Holy cow that was an awesome goal! They've come a long way from NHL 93 to now having guys bat the puck out of the air from their back.

Reaction #3) Then again, only five or six guys in the league could really pull that off. I hope we're not going to be seeing that every game from guys like Jimmy Slater in the video game. EA has a tendency to take something cool and overplay it.*

Reaction #4) Of course they had to show the Leafs scoring on the Thrashers. Stinkin' Canadians.

Reaction #5) Is that Kubina still playing for Atlanta in that shot?

* See NCAA Football 11. The stadium announcer will CONSTANTLY say something along the lines of "Allen on the carry. Call it a gain of 9 yards." First of all, it was a cute idea to add in how announcers sometimes equivocate about the number of yards gained. HOWEVER, PA announcers NEVER do this. They give the official distance. TV and RADIO announcers will give estimates. Hearing the PA announcer do it at all takes away from the authenticity they were trying to build, and hearing him do it as often as he does really hurts. If Andrew Ladd scores Ovechkin-esque goals twice a game in NHL 11 it's going to be like that original Matrix that humans rejected because it was too much of a fantasy world.

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