Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zee Battle for Lord Stanley

Apologies for the lack of TBC posts from yours truly, as Zach Bogosian's wretched pass that was intercepted by Michael Ryder (and subsequently turned into a penalty shot goal moments later) was the moment I fell off this year's Thrashers bandwagon. The end of the season, as you know, was fairly nauseating for the Thrashers. It pretty much appeared as though the team quit in the first week of March, and decided they didn't want to ruin their Chris Thornburn-led road trip to Deleware for mid April by actually hanging around in the standings. At least if you're going to go down fighting, do what the Devils did and play your ass off for every shift of every game.

Now we have a chance to draft 6th and pick up some other career 3rd/4th line player. Simmy Jlater is who were projected to draft, according to a text I received from the Thrashers' doorman, Rick Dudley. We'll see how Simmy adapts to the bright lights and sounds of Winnipeg in 2013.

ANYWAYS, so hockey resumes tomorrow night. It would be rude of us not to take time away from our belittling of bad hockey teams to acknowledge those teams this year who didn't play shit hockey. It's my opinion that you're going to see a Canucks-Sharks Western Conference Final, as long as the Canucks can withstand a fight by Chicago in a "There's no way this isn't going 7 games" series in the first round. In the East, I think you'll see the Capitals take on the Bruins in the Eastern Finals. Philly's loaded with forwards up front, but I don't believe in Sergei Cosmonaut in goal for the Flyers at all. Plus, part of me wants to see Ten Gallon play on a team that makes a run for a Stanley Cup.

So I think we'll see a Stanley Cup showdown between the Canucks and the Bruins. If this is the Stanley Cup Final, I literally call this a wash, as I think both teams match up brilliant. However, I say this is the year that the Bruins, their awesome marketing campaign, and Atlanta Thrashers Legend Rich Peverley take home the cup in 7.

What says you, TBC audience? Who's gonna win it all? Who's going home early? Will Zdeno Chara get shot by a sniper in Montreal? Will Pittsburgh continue to overachieve? Have you seen my keys? Let us know your thoughts...


Mortimer Peacock said...

- Caps in 6.

- Philly in 6. (Big Shooter disagrees, due to Ryan Miller, but Philly is just much better than Buffalo, and Brother Sergei or whoever will do just fine, young Nabokov that he is)

- Boston in 7 (this series will be crazy like a horny mastodon, and the Habs will play above their level, only to be squashed by that bear from the commercials)

- Tampa Bay in 7, because I have no idea.

- Vancouver will (bank on it, mofos) SWEEP Chicago.

- San Jose will nearly sweep L.A. Sharks in 5, obviously.

- 'Yotes in 7. Power of love, as Huey Lewis once told us.

- Ducks in 6. Preds will fight valiantly, but the Ducks are built for the playoffs and they'll do some serious damage. QUELLE DOMMAGE.

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