Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Guy To Save Thrashers

Has your favorite hockey team missed the playoffs every year of its existence save one (in which they won exactly 0 games)? Disillusioned with endless losing and fuckuppery? LUCKY YOU, we just signed some guy who worked as an extra in a college stage adaptation of Ferris Bueller's Day Off or something:

According to the Twitter accounts of both his agent (@nortonsports) and his school (@Ferrishockey), Thrashers prospect and Ferris State defenseman Zach Redmond has signed an entry-level contract with the team. Expect a press release in the near future.

Redmond was a seventh round pick in 2008 (184th overall) and has had an impressive college career, earning CCHA All-Star honors at Ferris State after spending two years in the USHL. His point totals were remarkably consistent in his four years at Ferris State as he scored 19, 24, 27 and 20 points for a total of 90 points in 141 college games. Not bad at all for a defenseman.

You hear that, motherfucker? Not bad at all! ZACH REDMOND IS NOT BAD AT ALL. HE WILL SAVE FERRIS.


Big Shooter said...

I love this post. Reminds me of TBC of old.

GoPuckYourself said...


Bank on it.

Rawhide said...

The Cup is ours. said...

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