Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Double Elimination

So the Thrashers have now been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, as the 8th place Rangers are at 91 points and the Thrashers would top out at 84 if they win all three remaining games.

The Thrashers are also now mathematically eliminated from contention for the #1 over-all pick in this year's draft. Through the draft lottery, any team has a chance to move up a maximum of four spots. That means that teams #30-25 have a shot (with varying and graduated degrees of probability) at the top pick.

At 78 points, the Thrashers can not be passed by the Oilers, Avalanche, Panthers, or Senators. The Islanders could match the Thrashers' 78 points and would then have identical 33-37-12 records. The tie breaker would then go to the Thrashers by virtue of winning the season series.

So even if the Thrashers were to lose the remaining games on the schedule (which their performance last night foreshadows), the best position they can hope for prior to the draft lottery is 6th. If lightning were to strike (the proverbial kind, not the kind that went 6-0 against Atlanta this season) and the Thrashers were to win the draft lottery, they would move up to the second over-all pick.

Chatter all year has been that this is going to be a very shallow draft. I have been hearing some rumblings lately that there might be a bit more talent out there than we had been lead to believe.

What do you good folks think Rick Dudley's offseason strategy needs to be? We all agree we need a new owner, so let's stick to the needs on the ice.


h said...

We need 2 guys to fill the 2nd line with Kane. Cormier-Thorburn-Slater is the 4th line for sure. Maaaybe you move Cormier to 3rd line if he stays healthy and shows promise. Otherwise you have Antro-Burmy-any checking winger available as the 3rd line. I think it is well worth trading the #1 if you can get one of those top-6 guys and have him signed up for 3-4 years. I'd also be willing to move either Bogo or Oduya for the other top 6 guy and then use some money to sign a good defense-first defensemen OR give Kulda or Postma a shot as the other 3rd line D-man. I think we should also see what is out there in the goalie department. I'm not sold on Mason as the starter/back-up. There should be many goalies out there at a decent price, all of which would be an upgrade.....other than that how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Late to the party on this, but: We need no less than 2 actual top-six forwards. said...

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