Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tom Glavine Is Your New Atlanta Thrashers Overlord (Maybe)

(important update below)
Word on the street is that Tom Glavine is trying to put together a group of investors to purchase the Thrashers. He would probably be "part owner" or something, because he can't afford to buy the whole thing himself. This is good news, as Glavine is not only a hockey fan, but a former hockey player.

And most importantly, he was your editor's favorite Atlanta Braves player during your editor's boyhood. IN FACT, your editor was a Braves-lover long before he was seduced (by a blonde Slovak and a brunette Russian) into becoming a fan of this dipshit team (though hockey is definitely Earth's greatest sport*). SOUTHPAWZ 4EVER!

*As are baseball, soccer and tennis. Hockey is the favorite, though.


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