Monday, January 24, 2011

Time to Panic?

Crashed, wounded, mauled, eighty-sixed, on the nickel, finaled by the fuzz, under heavy manners, on the rails to Hooverville, all wet, dried up, burning hay, off the trolley, Enstrom-less: lately, the Thrashers aren't looking so good.

Somehow the team still sits in 8th place, but that's hardly a comforting place to be when the scenery starts collapsing. And it is collapsing: if the Thrashers were a play, all of their backdrops would be falling down, their fake trees would be toppling over, and lighting rigs would be falling on the actors, taking them out of commission one by one.

There's been a lot of talk about Rick Dudley making a season-saving trade, but, uh, hm, who knows, right? A more important question: is this the beginning of the Thrashers' annual collapse? If so, we're sure we won't go without a late-season winning streak to tease us all into false hopes of a playoff appearance, so at least there's that to look forward to.


ALSO: It's probably telling that we've heard absolutely nothing from the Atlanta Spirit since that epic Friday news dump. No public statements, no emails to season ticket holders, nothing. Their latest version of PR damage control seems to be to not mention their latest lawsuit. If you don't talk about it, it'll go away, maybe? And so on and so forth...


Wayne stuck in AL said...

"Their latest version of PR damage control seems to be to not mention their latest lawsuit. If you don't talk about it, it'll go away, maybe? And so on and so forth..."

They want to hide behind,"On the advice of our lawyers, we can't talk about that."

But I wonder how they didn't think this was going to be a PR disaster, and not get out in front of it with a press conference or something.

Wayne stuck in AL said...

All that being said, I do feel a bit sorry for Don Waddell, who had to unknowing lie for the ownership group.

However, as of today, I completely wash my hands of this team for this year, and will root for the Nashville Predators.

GoPuckYourself said...

This is a team that (as per the norm) is completely headed in the wrong direction right now. I do think our current roster is better than the roster the Thrashers have had the last few seasons...but something has to give.

All the heart, effort, "all for one, one for all" nonsense we came to know and love in October, November, and some of December is now completely gone. I'm not sure how much injuries has to do with it, but we've had injured teams that have slumped in January before.

I'm reserving judgment on the current group of ThrashTards until we get everybody back (hopefully after the All-Star break???) and play a game or two with Kane, Enstrom, Ladd Et. Al. back in the lineup.

However, as much as I want us to make a deal that will put us in the postseason...didn't we panic and make a dumb trade in 2007? (Zhitnik, anyone?)..Unless you're able to get an All-Star quality player who is signed for 2-3 seasons, I don't know what deal can be made. Plus, what do we trade for right now? A stay at home defender? A top 6 forward? There's other more attractive (and relevant) hockey clubs looking for the same thing. And when was the last time somebody waved a NTC to come to the ATL?

Sigh...I just can't see us making the deal that we need to make. If Dudley's stubborn enough to seemingly go get all his former 1st round picks to play here, he won't just drop his game plan and suddenly trade 2-5 players. said...

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