Saturday, January 22, 2011

GAME DAY: Rangers (plus a story)

For a while now, your editor has wanted to own a sled and a ruined monastery.

The other day my attorney called me and said that he'd located a teevee mogul (ha ha, there are no more teevee moguls, except that one guy) who owned a sled and a ruined monastery. We all agreed to meet in the back room of a bar.

My attorney drew up a contract on a napkin (none of us had a pen handy, so he wrote with lipstick). I purchased the sled and the monastery, but to my surprise the package came with an actual sled dog team. No sled without the sled dogs. I didn't reckon on this.

I also didn't reckon on the sled dogs being pomeranians instead of Siberian huskies. Such is life, you might say.

I've been trying to sell the pomeranian sled team for a quick profit, but so far no dice. I mean, owning the sled and the abandoned monastery has been great so far, know, now that I think of it, the reason I can't sell the pomeranians is because my attorney drew up a faulty purchase contract! Yes, that's the ticket. Time to sue my lawyer. Surely this will turn out okay?

The Thrashers play the New York Rangers tonight. Go the Thrashers.


Anonymous said...

awesome story. Go Thrashers. Maybe we can sue the Rangers if we lose. said...

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