Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Classic 2011--Let's Get This Bitch.

Happy New Years to the TBC writers, editors, commenters, lurkers, Jack "I'm an Asshole" Edwards, and all the bandwagon Thrashers fans to be picked up in the coming weeks and months. I hope you all enjoyed yourself immensely last night with your friends and family, and will continue to do so today.

In case you've been living under a rock, on New Years Day, there's a hockey game that's played outside. They tend to call this game "The Winter Classic." For reasons such as our attendance and our team being moved to Winnipeg or Qatar (E3), we will never host this game here in Atlanta. Therefore, we're forced to watch a game of two teams that are not our own. Thankfully, the 2011 version of this game features Sidney Crosby's homeless guido mustache and the Pittsburgh Peignquins against Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Bullets. They'll be playing the game in the home of serial rapist/fat man Ben Roethlissomethingsomething and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I'm not sure how the other members of the TBC staff feel about this game, but this guy sincerely hopes the Peignquins find a way to win today. There's obvious reasons for this, such as Washington currently residing above Le Thrash in the Southeast Division. However, more importantly, thanks to the phenomenal "HBO 24/7" series, we've gotten to know both teams a little bit. There are two main points I've taken away about both clubs from watching the show.

1) Dan Bylsma is a phenomenal coach and a decent guy who knows the game and generates lots of quotes.
2) Bruce Boudreau's job as Washington's coach is best surmised as, essentially, a used car salesman who got a job at a Ferrari dealership because he "knew a guy who knew a guy."

So, in conclusion, may the Peignquins reign supreme in the Steel City tonight. My prediction? 4-2 Pens, winning a close game with 2 late goals in the 3rd.

Enjoy the hockey and the sub-par bowl games that will lead up to it.

Sincerely, Go Puck Yourself

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