Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We COULD Have Gotten Tallon...

So let's get this straight.

First, the Florida Panthers hire Dale Tallon to be their new GM.

And now: the Tampa Bay Lightning have hired Steve Yzerman to be their new GM.

Let's widen the scope a bit, and survey the entire GM scene here in the Southeast Division.

Tallon for the Panthers, Yzerman for the Lightning, George McPhee for the Washington Capitals, and Jim Rutherford for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Did I leave anyone out?

Oh yes. Rick Dudley for the Atlanta Thrashers.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do think Dudley will be marginally better than Waddell. But that's not setting the bar particularly high. Point is: the Thrashers will continue to be themselves.


Your Chronicle will be on absolute, total hiatus until after Memorial Day. No Internet for any of us, sirs and mesdames, because we're headed to some exotic locales. First up is our nation's capital, Ovechkingrad, and then on to an exotic desert isle for Razor Catch Prey's bachelor party. If you miss us, there's plenty of Ten Gallon Dick around here.


Anonymous said...

Is Razor throwing a bachelor party because he's getting married, or just for the sake of being a bachelor?

Big Shooter said...

Oh no, he's getting married sure enough. To his girlfriend.

Wayne stuck in AL said...

Does Steve Yzerman have a track record of being a GM??? Otherwise, he's just a name...sports is littered with former great athletes who couldn't cut it in management.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Shooter. By the way, does Frenchy know that he's not allowed to jump out of a cake this weekend?

Wayne- Yzerman's only track record as GM comes from fielding the Canadian Olympic team. Which means that he got to pick from the deepest talent pool in the world and he put together a team that played exactly one good game.

the jointhead said...

Yzerman has been groomed under Ken Holland in the front office for like 4 or 5 years in Detroit. Has the cred to pull in free agent talent and owner that will actually pay them. Plus he can always be fired in a couple of years if he sucks. Dudley has to fuck the dog for at least ten years before he is promoted out of GM in our organization.