Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Elimination Quotes

**NOTE- for Thrashers related news, see my post below about the Wolves being eliminated in game 7 by Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars.**

A couple of gems from the last couple of days. First from Jim Playfair, head coach of the Abbotsford Heat who were eliminated by the Hamilton Bulldogs:

"Ask the players, they're the ones that lost."

Classy. Way to take responsibility. What are the odds he comes back as head coach of this team? By the way, this is the same guy from this gem of a video earlier this year (also against the Hamilton Bulldogs, by the way):

Next, from Roberto Luongo after being eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks:

"I don't think they're a better team than us, but maybe a smarter team that knows how to win."

Read between the lines there. Not a better team = our players are just as good or better. A smarter team = better coached. Way to throw your coach under the bus there, Louie. Maybe the Canucks will fire Vigneault and hire Jim Playfair to coach Luongo.

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