Friday, May 21, 2010

Hope Can Drive a Man Insane

According to Kevin Allen at USA Today, it looks like famed hockey personage Colby "Marian Hossa" Armstrong won't be returning to the Thrashers next year.

Based on what I'm hearing, there appears to be no hope of re-signing Colby Armstrong.

Well, goodbye forever, Colby. I'll never forget our time together.

Meanwhile, the Thrashers seem to believe there is "some hope" of re-signing Maxim Afinogenov and Pavel Kubina. This should be encouraging to each and every fan, because we all know how stellar the Thrashers' record is when they believe there is "some hope."

Finally, it looks like the Thrashers want 19-year-old Carl Klingberg to step in Right Now.

Draw your own conclusions.


h said...

I'm not sure how to react to this......I too didn't like the term "hope" thrown around.....hope??? jeez....guess I can look forward to THAT happeneing....June should be a very interesting month....I hope. The part about Coby doesn't shick me...I was actually shocked when someone reported that he actually wanted to be back.

Jay said...

I think Crabb or Machacek(or Klingberg for that matter) can have similar production as Armstrong at 1/5 the cost. I have no problem with him leaving.