Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Rapture! Tweet Us If Anything Major Happens.

As we all know, none of this Thrashers-moving-to-Winnipeg stuff really matters because the Thrashers won't ever move to Winnipeg. They won't move to Winnipeg because the Rapture starts at midnight tonight (at least on the East Coast). In all probability, your TBC editor will be Left Behind, and who knows whether he'll be able to reach a computer amid the plagues and earthquakes and divinely-sanctioned mass slaughter.

If anything newsworthy happens this evening, we'll try to type important blog postings about it. If tonight is free of Thrashers-to-Winnipeg news though, well, enjoy the Rapture!

The following video will be our soundtrack for the apocalypse. It's the only way to go out.

As the man says, "That's the way I pat my baby on the butt."

Wait a second. Isn't it already May 21st from, say, Australia to Turkey? Has that part of the world ended already?


GoPuckYourself said...

That part of the world ends at 6PM their time, I guess? So...7 hours from now?

People won't notice though because of the fact that sheep outnumber people in New Zealand by like 100 to 1. said...

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