Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Will Lil Jon and Jerry Bruckheimer Save the Day?

Atlanta Business Chronicle:

The latest talk swirling around the financially ailing Atlanta Thrashers has the team possibly staying in Atlanta courtesy of – wait for it – Atlanta hip hop artist and producer Lil’ Jon and big-time film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer, reports Atlanta Business Chronicle broadcast partner WXIA-TV. Might sound a little out there, but Bruckheimer has pockets deep enough to buy the team and several others, and Lil Jon, a big success in hip hop, and who has made many new fans courtesy of his run on the most recent installment of “The Apprentice” television show, has loved Atlanta hockey for years going back to the Atlanta Flames.

So does 1 very loud rapper + 1 producer of countless horrible movies (though The Rock was pretty good, thanks to Sean Connery and an uncredited Quentin Tarantino/Aaron Sorkin script and Nicholas Cage at his goofy best) = SALVATION? No one can be sure.

Needless to say, we're all for this if it's an actual possibility. Lil Jon isn't exactly my cup of tea when it comes to Atlanta hip-hop, but maybe he could get Big Boi or Janelle Monae to be additional investors, which would be glorious. More importantly: he's a passionate hockey fan, so, uh, YEEAAAAAHHH.

And Jerry Bruckheimer. He could get Michael Bay to direct explosion-filled promos and commercials, and the Jumbotron would be full of clips from Con Air and Pearl Harbor. Every time the Thrashers score a goal, the arena sound system could play that Aerosmith song from Armageddon, or at least this clip:


Anonymous said...

This would be an amazing opportunity for Atlanta, the Thrashers, and maybe Lil Jon too. I can picture fans dressing up like Lil Jon with Thrashers jerseys on at the games.

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