Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Official Editorial Position on Trading Zach Bogosian (With Footnote)

Don't be so stupid.*

*This assumes, of course, that there will still be a team in 7 years' time. Even if there is, Bogosian might well be playing for some other team by the time he fulfills his potential. So really, it doesn't matter what Dudley does or doesn't do. Not as long as this team is stuck in a hate-filled marriage with Atlanta Spirit LLC. It matters SO LITTLE, in fact, that if you haven't already sold your season ticket package to a local prison and used the profits to buy a used Vespa, you're already well behind the curve. Haha, what is this, a footnote that's longer than the actual editorial?


Jay said...

I have some free time and want to play Rick Dudley for a minute. Here are trades that could work and put the Thrashers in the playoffs, while only adding $2.5M to the payroll(Kovalchuk's money?).

Trade Antropov to Pittsburgh for a 1st round pick and Beau Bennett.

Trade Ron Hainsey to Columbus for Nikita Filatov OR a 1st round pick. CLB is as desperate as we are to make the playoffs.

Trade Freddy Modin to ANYONE who will take him for a 5th, 6th, or 7th round pick.

Trade Pittsburgh's 1st rounder and Riley Holzapfel to Edmonton for Dustin Penner

Trade Filatov or CLB 1st rounder, Spencer Machacek, and Atlanta's 1st rounder to Ottawa for Jason Spezza.



This would add under $3M to the payroll, Spezza is signed long-term(until '14-'15), gives us three good scoring lines, moves Peverley to the 3rd line where he probably belongs, doesn't affect our core players, and still leaves us with enough cap space to resign our younger players. This has no chance of happening, but I do like to dream.

Big Shooter said...

Hahahahaha. Profits! Season ticket holders! Those days are done.

I cannot believe there has been no comment or statement whatsoever from the Spirit about 'disposing' of the team. Do they not see they have official sucked the life out of this fan base? To the point that this STH from Day 1 who once said he would always be there no matter what no longer even wants to go. Even when it appeared the Spirit was taking a shit on the franchise I always said I would get tickets. But now, it's almost as if Bruce Levenson LITERALLY came to my house and took a shit in the middle of the room and left.

Combine that with the fact that the only communication I've had with my ticket rep was when I asked him a question about something and he didn't bother to respond... there is literally NO REASON AT ALL to be a STH. I realize I'm late to the party on this one, but if I'm this far gone it really makes me wonder how much longer they can make it last.

I will now take my $1K+ and spend it on Wrestlemania.

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