Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mourning After

So if you watched the debacle that was the Thrashers-Oilers game yesterday, the only person who should've come away with any sense of optimism from that game would be Big Shooter. Mainly because he's an Oilers fan. Sigh.

That 3rd period was one of the most demoralizing periods of what we've been sold as "ice hockey" since the last 3rd period of demoralizing hockey that the Thrashers have subjected us to. The only things I was able to take away from yesterday's game were that there's no question that Chris Mason may have, as the English say, "lost the plot" (translation--Dude can't play shit for goaltender anymore.) Also, Johnny Oduya has even less of an idea as to how to play defense than some of the other "defenders" who currently reside on our blueline. 2 of the 3 goals we surrendered to Taylor Hall were due to Johnny being out of position and refusing to get a hand/stick on Taylor or any other Oilers player. Should we trade Johnny for somebody? I don't know what kind of difference it would make at this point. All I've been able to take away from the Boston trade at this point is that I'll be hoping Ten Gallon Dick wins a Stanley Cup this year with the Bruins.

So try to enjoy your Sunday, forget about your awful hometown hockey club, watch the Heritage Classic (if you still like hockey), listen to this funky little Dredg number and enjoy this fucking AWESOME weather we have. You know, the kind you can't just pick up and move to Winnipeg or Quebec.

Go Thrashers? Sounds a bit silly at this point, doesn't it?


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