Saturday, January 15, 2011

GAME DAY: Dallas Stars

Kari Lehtonen. This will be AWKWARD.

Also: good job getting scored on by all those mean French Canadians last night, Thrashers! What is it about names like "Briere" and "Giroux" that just make you want open your net and let everything in?

ALSO: Despite their recent troubles, the Thrashers have impressed your TBC editor this season. Not least with their offense. But when you look at a team like the Stars, with their top line of James Neal - Brad Richards - Loui Eriksson, you get an inkling of what the Thrashers are missing.*

Anyway. GO THE THRASHERS. And the Falcons too.

*This is not to mention the Stars' second line of Brenden Morrow - Mike Ribeiro - Jamie Benn.**

** Lest I'm unclear, I don't mean that the Stars score more goals than us (they don't). The point is all of those forwards are decent-to-excellent two-way players.

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Anonymous said...

Let's try again against the Panthers