Monday, April 25, 2011

More Glavine Buzz

Eliotte Friedman devotes two of his Thirty Thoughts today to a discussion with Tom Glavine about hockey and the Thrashers:

"28) Interviewed Tom Glavine for our Inside Hockey piece on Donald Fehr this season. He used to own a box and then several season tickets for Thrashers games, but gave them up as his kids got older and he had less time to go. (Two of his sons are good hockey players.) Several times while we were chatting he mentioned how badly he wanted them to succeed.

29) Glavine said one of the Thrashers' biggest problems was football season. Friday night: high school. Saturday: University[EDIT- (sic)] of Georgia.[EDIT-and Georgia Tech for people who prefer respectable players and organizations.] Sunday: Falcons. Tough to get fans against that."

I seriously doubt Tom Glavine would have the financial resources to buy the team on his own, but he could certainly spearhead a small investment group. Maybe Kincade is right about "The Balkan" whoever he is (not who we thought), and maybe not. But a winning team will be viable in this market.

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