Sunday, May 15, 2011

Picture Shows

So here's a thing (a curious video making the case for the Atlanta Thrashers' continued existence and responding to various criticisms; it seems to be the work of Keep the Thrashers proprietor Chris Ciovacco):

At one point in the video, the mysterious narrator asks, "Is this about the integrity of the game, or MONEY?"

Surely no one will be surprised by the answer. All huge business organizations, at some point, engage in shady deals. They all engage in cutthroat practices of varying degrees of irresponsibility and destructiveness.* To think that the NHL, a gigantic business organization, is more interested in "integrity" than money is an example of touching idealism, I'd have to say. Your TBC editor wonders why people are suddenly shocked that a gigantic business operation doesn't care about them as Humans.

*Okay, maybe not ALL of them. But the phenomenon is hardly unknown.


Big Shooter said...

Let's have a rally.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Why not have one at the French Open? That's coming up soon. Fly over to Paris, wear our Thrashers jerseys, yell "KNIGHTS!" during La Marseillaise, and chant "HOOOOOLMQVIIIIIST...YOU SUCK!" during a Soderling match.

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