Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NHL Awards Predictions

A fine acceptance speech, we suppose, but not nearly as good as the time Nicholas Cage and Cher presented him with the 1988 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (The Untouchables, dude).

Anyway, the NHL Awards are happening TONIGHT in Vegas. Is this all Jay Mohr does these days? This is not a facetious question.


Corery Perry
Daniel Sedin
Martin St. Louis

Who Should Win: Martin St. Louis
Who Will Win: Daniel Sedin


Roberto Luongo
Pekka Rinne
Tim Thomas

Who Should Win: Pekka Rinne
Who Will Win: Tim Thomas


Zdeno Chara
Nicklas Lidstrom
Shea Weber

Who Should Win: Nicklas Lidstrom
Who Will Win: Lidstrom


Logan Couture
Jeff Skinner
Michael Grabner

Who Should Win: Jeff Skinner
Who Will Win: Jeff Skinner, surely.


Pavel Datsyuk
Ryan Kesler
Jonathan Toews

Who Should Win: Ryan Kesler
Who Will Win: Ryan Kesler

Jack Adams

Dan Bylsma
Barry Trotz
Alain Vigneault

Who Should Win: Barry Trotz
Who Will Win: Dan Bylsma

The other awards bore me to tears, so I'll stop here.

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Razor Catch Prey said...

Renne over Thomas, are you drunk? Just considering the regular season (as you're SUPPOSED to) Thomas had one of the best years for a goaltender in our lifetimes.