Friday, January 14, 2011

Game Day: Flyers

The Thrashers take on the top team in the Eastern Conference in what, if the playoffs started today, would be their first round matchup.

The Flyers are experiencing unusual success this year despite missing future hall of fame defenseman Chris Pronger for a long stretch. Their good fortune is due in large part to the emergence of Sergei Bobrovski in net.

Long time NHL fans know that this turn of events is entirely accidental, as the Flyers' charter contains a clause in which they are bound to attempt to win a Stanley Cup with mediocre-to-terrible goaltending.

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GoPuckYourself said...

Safe travels to all of you who will be in attendance this evening, and hopefully the Thrashers will make sure to show up as well.

Hopefully the Flyers will be tired after giving up those SEVEN goals in Boston last night, and the boys will be able to out skate Philly in the 2nd and 3rd and pull out the two points.