Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Thrashers GM?

Essential reading from Custance:

Interesting stuff this afternoon from Atlanta Spirit co-owner Michael Gearon Jr. He addressed the media about Billy Knight’s resignation but I showed up to talk some hockey...

I asked him if Don Waddell’s role would change and he said they are considering it. The ownership really respects Don’s ability to manage an organization and Gearon said Waddell’s role could expand in their organization in that capacity...

That could mean a promotion for Waddell within the Atlanta Spirit and a new general manager for the Thrashers, although Gearon didn’t go that far. But it sounds like Gearon and the Atlanta Spirit are determined to bring in more support on the hockey side of things.

What does this mean? Waddell gets upgraded to a newly invented CEO or President position while we seek out a new GM? I think that might be an excellent development. Meanwhile, the Blueland Chronicle commands the Atlanta Spirit to hire Ron Wilson as the new Thrashers coach.

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